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Ranan Gulhan Aktas, MD

CEO & Founder

Olgu Enis Tok

PhD, MSc, Product Development

Ozkan Ozdogan, MD

VP, Business Strategies

Yusuf M. Saatci

Product Designer

Gamze Demirel

MBA, Product Development

Image: Patient-derived lung organoids in CellO-M

Cellorama Logo by Dale Mertes_edited_edited.jpg

Empowering Animal-Free Preclinical Studies

Our mission is to accelerate organoid, spheroid and cell analysis processes with simple and  cost-effective technologies.


Alan Roy Millner

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Entrepreneurship Coach

Demet Tatar

MSc, PhD
Data Analytics and Engineering

Ilgim Eroglu

BSc, MBA, MSc, PhD 
Assistant Professor 
Industrial Product Design, Fine Arts
 Mimar Sinan University

Buse Aktas

PhD, PostDoc Fellow 
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Didem Demirbas

PhD, FACMG, Molecular Biologist 
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Mohammed I. Sabri

PhD, Neuroscientist 
Professor Emeritus 
Oregon Health and Science University

Dale Mertes

Design and Visualization
University of Chicago

Elena Chernokalskaya

Biotech R&D Executive,
Scientific Advisor, Entrepreneur

Image: Patient-derived lung organoids in CellO-M

Our Story

Cellorama LLC was founded in 2020 by Ranan Aktas, MD.


During her 20 years of researching liver cancer, she came across serious shortcomings in lab products and protocols which failed to protect precious samples; caused loss of data, time and money.


Dr. Aktas has made it her mission to design inventions to address the problems she and many colleagues struggled with.


These innovations are now available for use in 2D and 3D cell culture labs,with the potential to significantly improve drug discovery and screening studies

in hospitals, universities, biotech and pharma.

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