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CellO - M*

Multi-purpose Cell Culture Dish 


Revolutionize Your Workflow:

Streamline Organoid, Spheroid, and Cell Studies in One Platform


CellO-M eliminates the need for multiple platforms and complex protocols. With a single CellO-M, you can seamlessly perform:



Grow your organoids, spheroids, or cells under optimal conditions.


Freeze and thaw your samples with ease for future use.

Labeling & Staining:


Perform labeling or staining steps directly within the platform.

Fluorescence & Confocal Microscopy:   


Analyze your labeled samples using fluorescence or confocal microscopy.

Scanning Electron Microscopy: 


Effortlessly transition to scanning electron microscopy for detailed surface analysis.

Transmission Electron Microscopy:     


Prepare resin blocks seamlessly for transmission electron microscopy and delve into ultrastructural details.

CellO-IF Bottle_edited_edited.png

CellO - IF2*
CellO - IF3*

All-in-One Reagents


Revolutionize Immunofluorescence:

Label Cells Within Their 3D Niche in Hours!



Breakthrough Efficiency:


Ditch complex protocols and time-consuming steps! CellO-IF2 or 3 are your all-in-one reagents designed to simplify and accelerate immunofluorescence labeling.

Labeling Made Easy:

Stain your precious specimens directly within their native microenvironment, eliminating disruptive transfers and preserving sample integrity.

Unmatched Accuracy:

Say goodbye to unreliable data! CellO-IF2 or 3 ensure optimal labeling conditions, leading to exceptionally accurate and reproducible results.

Streamlined Workflow:

Consolidate your entire immunofluorescence process into a single, efficient step with just one reagent.

Reduced Stress, Enhanced Results:

Minimize sample manipulation and eliminate stressful steps, allowing you to focus on groundbreaking discoveries, not tedious protocols.

Time is Precious:

Cut your labeling time from days to hours, accelerating your research and unlocking faster scientific breakthroughs.

Click to learn how to label cells using CellO-IF2 

 Click to learn how to label organoids or spheroids

using CellO-IF3 

three blue spheroids.png

Experience the power of cell analysis

without compromising the natural state of your samples!

Preserve the delicate 3D structure of organoids and spheroids,

protect cellular integrity, receive highly accurate data for reliable results.


Eliminate the need for complex protocols and minimize sample manipulation,

save significant time and resources.

The samples shown here were grown in CellO - M
and labeled by using CellO - IF 2 or CellO
- IF 3

Tumoroid - scanning microscope

Live image of a liver cancer spheroid in a hydrogel in CellO-M 

Use simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies
Minimize cell damage, human errors, and contamination risk

Improve reproducibility, reliability, and consistency

Coming Soon

*Patent Pending Technologies

CellO™ - T*

A multipurpose cell culture container for your delicate samples from the start of growth until transplantation

CellO™ - S*

A uniquely designed cell culture container for boosting spheroid formation, for drug design and drug screening experiments

CellO™ - P*

A game changer to enhance immunohistochemical staining on your paraffin sections. Get your results within same day. A smart consumable for pathology laboratories

CellO™ - F*

DMSO-free freezing medium for organoids and spheroids. It is designed to freeze samples while they are still in the gel. 

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