Live Image of a 3D-Growing Tumoroid in CellO-M

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*patent-pending technology


A simple and elegant multi-purpose cell culture container for your delicate samples from the beginning of your experiments to the end of confocal or electron microscopic examination

*patent pending technology


*patent pending technology


A game-changer for immunolabeling. Label your delicate sample with multiple antibodies and get your results within 4 hours.



Collaboration on lab procedures, training and consulting.


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* Patent Pending Technologies


A multipurpose cell culture container for your delicate samples from the start of growth until transplantation


A uniquely designed cell culture container for boosting spheroid formation, for drug design and drug screening experiments


A game changer kit to enhance immunohistochemical staining on your paraffin sections. Get your results within same day. A smart consumable for pathology laboratories


A freezing medium designed to freeze the organoids and spheroids while they are still in the gel in CellO-M or CellO-MA. 

The CELLORAMA difference


Cellorama provides rigorously designed products & precision methods to create a protective micro-environment to process, examine & implant delicate cells.


Our solutions will improve the efficiency and reproducibility of your studies on organoids, spheroids, stem cells, cancer cells, and primary cells.

We aim to:

  • Revolutionize in vitro cell culture routines.

  • Improve cell quality & minimize data loss.

  • Accelerate your research results.


The samples shown here were grown in CellO-M and labeled by using CellO-IF:

Two spheroids
Two spheroids

Those spheroids were grown in CellO-M. Whole-mount immunolabeling were completed within 6 hours using CellO-IF. The spheroids are still being stored in CellO-M for future examinations.

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Progenitor stem cells
Progenitor stem cells

Grown, processed, labeled, and visualized while still in CellO-M, labeled using CellO-IF

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Two liver cancer spheroids
Two liver cancer spheroids

Those spheroids were grown, labeled, and then visualized while theye were still in CellO-M.

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A liver cancer spheroid
A liver cancer spheroid

That spheroid was grown in CellO-M. Whole-mount labeling using CellO-IF and then visualization of the spheroid in CellO-M was performed within 4 hours.

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Liver Cancer Cells
Liver Cancer Cells

Cells were grown, labeled and visualized while still in CellO-M. They were labeled using CellO-IF.

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Ovary, Thick Vibratome Section
Ovary, Thick Vibratome Section

A vibratome section of ovar was labeled with 3 different antibodies using CellO-IF within 4 hours.

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Consistent, reliable & validated results

More accurate data

Minimize cell loss

Improve reproducibility of experiments

Customized for specific microscopy

Designed by experienced cell culture scientists


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“CellO-IF provided consistent, accurate, and increased labeling in stem cells. Our results are much better when compared with staining by using the classic methods.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ferda Topal Celikkan 

Prof. Dr. Alp Can  

Medical School, Ankara University

Our customized solutions are for your 2D/3D cell culture experiments. We can formulate the cell culture media, create the required microenvironment, design the cell culture vessel, label the sample, and visualize it. Please contact us for customized products for your lab requirements.