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Multipurpose container for organoids, spheroids, or cells

CellO - M*

All-in-One Cell Culture Container


First cell culture platform

that allows culturing, freezing, staining, labeling, and examining

spheroids, organoids, or cells

in a single multipurpose container 


It revolutionizes cellular analysis by protecting the 3D architecture of the sample in its preferred habitat,

simplifies the workflow, and saves time. 


The user needs 1 CellO-M

instead of 9 containers in a traditional workflow.


Cellorama's new workflow

eliminates harvesting and clearing;

eradicates transfers, pipetting, and centrifugation;

minimizes cell loss and damage.


CellO-M Product Sheet

Immunofluorescence labeling reagent for organoids, spheroids, or cells

CellO - IF*

All-in-One Immunolabeling Reagent


First all-in-one reagent

for immunofluorescence labeling

of organoids, spheroids, or cells


It revolutionizes microscopic analysis

with a new method

that provides labeling of the sample

in its preferred habitat, e.g., a hydrogel. 


The new method simplifies and speeds up the experiment by eliminating harvesting, clearing, and antigen retrieval steps. 

The time for labeling entire sample decreases from days to hours.


The formulation enhances labeling

and reduces background.

Protection of the 3D structure in its habitat  provides more accurate data. 


CellO-IF Product Sheet


Flowchart - Labeling Cells

Flowchart - Labeling Organoids or Spheroids

*Patent-pending technologies


Use CellO - M and CellO - IF together

Get full benefit of technology 




Freeze &



Stain & 


Under Light Microscope


Label & 


Under Confocal Microscope

HepG2 spheroids09_edited_edited_edited.p



Under Electron Microscope

The samples shown here were grown in CellO - M and labeled by using CellO - IF

Tumoroid - scanning microscope

Live image of a liver cancer spheroid in hydrogel 

Coming Soon

*Patent Pending Technologies

CellO™ - T*

A multipurpose cell culture container for your delicate samples from the start of growth until transplantation

CellO™ - S*

A uniquely designed cell culture container for boosting spheroid formation, for drug design and drug screening experiments

CellO™ - P*

A game changer to enhance immunohistochemical staining on your paraffin sections. Get your results within same day. A smart consumable for pathology laboratories

CellO™ - F*

DMSO-free freezing medium for organoids and spheroids. It is designed to freeze samples while they are still in the gel. 

Use simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies
Minimize cell damage, human errors, and contamination risk

Improve reproducibility, reliability, and consistency

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