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Our revolutionary technologies transform studies by safeguarding biospecimens within a controlled lab environment. This minimizes external influence, ensuring the pristine integrity of biospecimens.



  • Uncompromised Cells: Molecules and structures remain intact, mimicking the ideal in-vivo environment.

  • Sharper Data: Extract unparalleled precision from the experiments with minimal sample degradation.

  • Reduced Variability: Eliminate artifacts caused by traditional methods, leading to highly reproducible results.


That translates to:

  • Confident Studies: Make groundbreaking discoveries with the assurance of reliable data.

  • Faster Insights: Streamline your workflow and accelerate research progress with fewer repeat experiments.


Reliable and reproducible data allows for:

  • Identification of New Drug Targets: With a clearer picture of the biological processes at play, we can identify novel targets for drug discovery.

  • Faster Drug Development: Building on a strong foundation of accurate data allows for the streamlined development of successful treatments, ultimately saving lives.

  • Reduced Costs: Eliminating wasted research due to unreliable data frees up resources for crucial drug development efforts.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: More accurate preclinical data paves the way for developing effective therapies, bringing hope to patients faster.


Let's move beyond unreliable data

and unlock the true potential of personalized medicine!


Our reagents, products, and methods have been designed to  analyze

organoids, spheroids, and cells directly within their ideal growing environment. 

Image: Liver Cancer Spheroids in CellO-M

Breakthrough in Immunofluorescence Labeling of Biospecimens:

Introducing CellO-IF! 

This innovative reagent simplifies immunofluorescence labeling while safeguarding the 3D integrity of organoids, spheroids, and cells.  

It preserves delicate 3D structure of biospecimens during immunofluorescence labeling, leading to unprecedented image quality, consistent results, and reliable data.

Empower your study with:

Unparalleled 3D Preservation:    

Maintain the natural structure of your samples for more accurate results.

Stunning High-Resolution Images:    

Capture exceptional image quality with reduced background noise.

Enhanced Antigen Visualization:       

Boost the signal of your targets of interest for clearer insights.


Faster Answers:      

Obtain high-quality data within hours, accelerating your research progress.

Liver Cancer Spheroid in Hydrogel

The Foundation for Robust 3D Tumor & Disease Modeling:

Introducing CellO-M! 

This multi-purpose cell culture dish eliminates the need for complex protocols while ensuring the structural integrity, cellular fitness, and consistency of 2D & 3D cell culture models.

It simplifies cell culture workflows and provides reliable data.

Unlock the Secrets of 3D Structures:

Culture, Freeze, Label, Image

- All Within CellO-M


Revolutionary Workflow:

Ditch the multi-step hassle! CellO-M streamlines 2D & 3D cell analysis. Culture organoids, spheroids or cells, and  label, stain or coat them for analysis, and then image them under a light, confocal or electron microscope – all within a single, sterile platform. No more time-consuming transfers, pipetting, or harvesting that can damage precious biospecimens. 


Unparalleled Results:

CellO-M safeguards the 3D integrity of biospecimens throughout the process. This minimizes the risks associated with traditional workflows and ensures reliable, reproducible data for the study.

the Power of 3D Cell Analysis:
7 Functions,
1 Platform,
Unmatched Results

CellO-IF3 in Action:

Examples of Organoid & Spheroid Culture, Labeling & Imaging   


CellO-IF2 in Action:

Examples of 2D Cell Culture, Labeling & Imaging  


CellO-M in Action:

Explore Real-World Applications 



lung organoids


grown, and live images were captured 




Liver Cancer Spheroids

were grown, frozen and thawed 

in CellO-M


Liver cancer spheroids were grown, stained with H&E, and examined in CellO-M


Liver cancer spheroids  were grown, immunolabeled, and examined under confocal microscope

 in CellO-M

HepG2 spheroids09_edited_edited_edited.p

Liver cancer spheroids  were grown, processed, and examined under electron microscope

 in CellO-M

Cellorama   Protocols 

Investigation of organoids, spheroids, and cells has never been
simple and precise with the following protocols .


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