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Multipurpose container for organoids, spheroids, and cells


Cellorama was selected to  participate in the 2023 MassChallenge Early Stage Accelerator in the Foundation Cohort.
Cellorama has been selected to receive funding from the MERT 2.0 EDA Prototype Awards Program. University of Massachusetts Lowell will support the development of the prototype of CellO-S, a uniquely designed cell culture container for boosting spheroid formation, for drug design and drug screening experiments. 
March 2023
Organoids and Spheroids

Novel 3D Cell Culture Technologies

Our recent publication provides an overview of entire technology intended to improve organoid and spheroid studies:

Culturing, Freezing, Processing, and Imaging of Entire Organoids and Spheroids While Still in a Hydrogel.

J. Vis. Exp. (190), e64563, doi:10.3791/64563 (2022).
Manufacturing Company for Our Product-Container for organoids, spheroids, and cells
Cellorama received a MERT 2.0 grant, funded through the US Economic Development Administration, which aims to support innovation and strengthen supply chains in Massachusetts. Cellorama is partnering with the Empire Group, a full-service product development and manufacturing company located in Attleboro, MA.
July 2022
Accelerator Program for commercialization of our product for organoids, spheroids, and cells

Cellorama participated in the Scale Up! Rhode Island Accelerator program in 2022, sponsored by 401 Tech Bridge and Polaris MEP, teaming up with expert consultants to help regional companies move toward commercialization and scalable production.

Cellorama introduced its platform for organoids, spheroids, and cells
Cellorama was one of 25 companies selected for the pitch competition at Massachusetts Life Science Innovation Day in Boston in July 2022.
Cellorama presented its platform for organoids, spheroids, and cell research
Cellorama was one of 100 start-up companies worldwide invited to the Advanced Therapies Expo in London in May 2022.
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