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Ranan Gulhan Aktas, MD

Ranan, a professor of Histology and Embryology, established the first Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center in Turkey in 2014. Since then, she has directed this center and led a research team that focuses on liver cancer and cancer stem cells.

Currently Boston-based, she joined studies in 2019 related to patient-derived organoids at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She developed a novel methodology and a kit for immunolabeling organoids within their 3D microenvironment.

She launched Cellorama in 2020, motivated to develop innovations needed by both the global scientific research community and the biotech sector. Ranan designed a series of cell culture vessels and reagents to protect the 3D structure of the cells, organoids, and spheroids. She is an active member of several international cell biology, cancer, and stem cell organizations.

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Ranan Gulhan Aktas, MD
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