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Revolutionize your study

Characterization of organoids, spheroids, and cells has never been this easy and accurate.

  • Cell analysis and protection platform for 2D & 3D cell culture 

  • Designed to protect cell integrity while obtaining accurate data

  • Allows processing of 3D growing organoids and spheroids in a hydrogel while eliminating harvesting and clearing steps.

CellO - M*

Cello-IF copy_edited.png

CellO - IF*

*Patent pending technologies

  • Protect your sample

  • Improve quality

  • Save time and labor

  • Reduce costs

  • Minimize contamination risk

Discover the applications for your research

Grow, freeze, thaw, stain, label, and examine organoids and spheroids in all-in-one cell culture container, CellO M
Label by immunofluorescence using all-in-one reagent, CellO IF

Freeze organoids and spheroids with DMSO-free CellOF
Simplify and improve immunostaining with CellOP

Our Users Say

For web site Lung Organoids Labeled with CK5.jpg
“It is such a smart and simple technology for organoid studies. We could protect delicate patients’ samples during the entire process and get excellent results in hours. ” 

Ozgecan Kayalar, PhD

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