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Our innovative tools
allow organoids, spheroids, and cells
to be analyzed within their natural environment,
generating more data with better accuracy.

Precise data starts with protected samples.  

Patient-derived lung organoid in CellO-M

 Preserve the delicate 3D structure and cellular integrity,
receive highly accurate data for reliable results.

Liver cancer spheroids in CellO-M

Characterize  organoids, spheroids, and cells
with easy, simple and fast technologies.


Liver cancer cells in CellO-M

Save significant time and money, 
increase reproducibility and productivity.


 Products of Cellorama 
are available for 
2D & 3D cell culture experiments
to maximize success of translational studies.


They transform lab procedures that otherwise involve
complex, lengthy, and costly processes
with high rates of specimen damage and loss.



CellO-M design with drop .png

Our Users Say

"We really didn’t think imaging the neuronal organoids would be as easy because they are so fragile and difficult to section with traditional methods. Using CellO-IF simplified our workflow and it has great potential to make high-throughput imaging of organoids feasible. We got beautiful images using CellO-IF on both 2D and 3D cultures.”

Didem Demirbas, PhD - Jenny Lai, MD-PhD Candidate

Boston Children's Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Brain Organoid-Didem & Jenny.jpg

Brain Organoid

( Pax2,  DAPI)

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived Neurons


“It is such a smart and simple technology for organoid studies. We could protect delicate patients’ samples during the entire process and get excellent results. ” 

Ozgecan Kayalar, PhD

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