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Our flagship patent pending products are designed to protect cell growth integrity while streamlining the traditional lab workflow as shown in the video below.

Cellorama, founded by
Dr. Ranan Aktas, will enable researchers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to dramatically reduce sample damage while improving experiment reliability and replicability. 

Early adopters are giving positive feedback. Click here for why these benefits matter to scientists.

Our products:
  • CellO-M* A multi-purpose container for 3D growing of cells, freezing, thawing, staining and visualizing

  • CellO-IF* An all-in-one immuno-staining solution

*patent pending technologies

Our products improve the efficiency and reproducibility of your studies on organoids, spheroids, stem cells, cancer cells, and primary cells.


Our containers are rigorously designed to create a protective micro-environment to process, examine and implant delicate cells.

Picture 1 with captions.jpeg
Samples grown in CellO-M and labeled using CellO-IF


100% of cells should remain intact
to get the best results 
for your research and patients


Protect your sample
Improve quality
Save time, labor Reduce costs

Innovative consumables to improve results from your 2D and 3D cell culture experiments  

Picture 6 with caption.jpeg
2D-growing liver cancer cells
3D-growing liver cancer cells

They were grown in CellO-M, labeled using CellO-IF.


Please contact us for products and services. Once we understand your exact lab requirements, we can recommend a customized solution.