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Patient-derived lung organoid

for cell protection, analysis, and labeling

of organoids, spheroids, and cells
has never been this
simple and accurate.

Revolutionize your research with precise and reproducible experiments.

"We recognize that the technology for protecting the 3D structure of organoids, spheroids, and cells at a rapid pace did not exist, so we made it our mission to create it for research laboratories, biopharma & biotech companies to improve results."
                                                                Cellorama Team


CellO - M*            Multipurpose cell culture device

Multi-purpose container for organoids, spheroids, or cells
All-in-one immunolabeling reagent for organoids, spheroids, and cells

CellO - IF*
All-in-one immunolabeling reagent

*Patent pending technologies

  • Protect your sample

  • Improve quality of data

  • Save time and labor

  • Reduce costs

  • Minimize contamination risk

Discover the applications for your research

Grow, freeze, thaw, stain, label, and examine organoids or spheroids in all-in-one cell culture container, CellO - M
Label organoids, spheroids, or cells by immunofluorescence using all-in-one reagent,
CellO IF
Freeze organoids or spheroids with DMSO-free 
Simplify and improve immunostaining of organoids, spheroids, cells or tissue sections with

Our Users Say

“It is such a smart and simple technology for organoid studies. We could protect delicate patients’ samples during the entire process and get excellent results in hours. ” 

Ozgecan Kayalar, PhD

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